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OMGToothpaste is a waste of human life

Really good material, I liked how you executed it, like said before, Charlie Chaplain. All of these stupid young kids have no idea what real comedy is like.

Very nice animation!

Incredibly smooth, good shots and angles!

You gave this guy a one? Are you retarded? You favorited this and gave him a one because you don't have flash installed!

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To Alphasoldier...

Alpha soldier has no idea what art is, in flash animations, it is moving art. Egoraptor has his own unique style.. and I love it.

Awesome humor!

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Don't listen to those other d bags

I'm a guy and I thought it was pretty good. I'm glad that for once the characters in a dress up game are alive.. and blinking.. lol

It's cool how you can change patterns and colors of other objects instead of just a single focused object.

I give it a 10!

Those other guys are idiots.. and obviously don't make flash games. Especially RuthcanRoar...

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This will be the longest review I've written.

This game, is a true Castle Crashers clone. This isn't bad, in fact it's amazing. I wouldn't be surprised if you wanted this to be as a platform game.

4/5 Combat System
- The one button attack system was truly perfected, you did an amazing job with it
However there should be some attack level up system or a weapon upgrading system

This game overall deserves a perfect 10. I know I gave a 4/5 on combat but even still this is an amazingly fun game to play.

Those bosses were hard =]

I love Daft Punk

It's my favorite Electronica band by far, but you need more work as a flash artist.

It's a wonderful idea, but there is a glitch were the sound is played twice.
Also, the sounds sometimes do not respond quickly or at all.

Good idea though, 3/5 5/10

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Don't know why the community sucks so hardcore on NG, but I felt you should have already gotten a response on this. This song is very, very good. What programs did you use? I use FL and Reason, but I'm just trying to get a feel for how you made it sound so clear.


mikrodizels responds:

Ty for response <3
I use Fl studio only, however, i have a TON of plugins like Silenth1 and Nexus.
When it comes to getting your sound loud and clear, it's just mastering. Putting your leads, bass and drums in seperate stereo locations helps as well.

Damn you hit the rap industry hard, I respect that.

HDC responds:

Word! Thanks for the props.

It's pretty fuck sick

Honestly, I can't wait until the wip becomes complete. It's pretty amazing, the drums, the violins, everything is in the pocket on this song.

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Kalapsia responds:

thanks buddy

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All of the comments below couldn't describe how awful this is.

Look at this.

There is nothing artistic about it, I've seen kindergartner's do work better than this. You can't implement anything? Someone control this kids mom, it's past his bedtime and he thinks gay rights are funny. Damn 12 year olds on newgrounds..

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That is sick!

In a good way of course! What a wicked fish.. lol

Love the teeth sticking out, gives it that eerie look. That colors were a good choice too.

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